Product Information
Acrylic 4000/4000D Topcoat
Product Description
  BLUE RIVER COATINGS ACRYLIC 4000 TOPCOAT is a hard, flexible, economical coating designed for multiple substrates. BLUE RIVER COATINGS ACRYLIC 4000/4000D TOPCOAT offers superb application properties, low foam, good adhesion, and high gloss potential. ACRYLIC 4000/4000D TOPCOAT dries quickly (eliminating excessive grain raise on wood) and provides good sealing to help repel water. The product is designed to work in conjunction with Blue River Coatings Wood Stains and Primers.
Environmental Advantages
  BLUE RIVER COATINGS ACRYLIC 4000/4000D TOPCOAT is a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), performance production coating. It is considered non-hazardous by EPA definitions and does not contain lead or chromates. The solid and semi-solid sludge produced in spraying and clean up can be flocculated; dried and sent to a “Class B” landfill. Check with your local and state regulations for proper handling.
Low cost coating
Good hardness/impact resistance
Good Solvent resistance - 20 double rub MEK with little to no effect
Excellent water resistance - 1 hour covered water spot test:  No spotting or discoloration
Good alcohol resistance - 1 hour covered alcohol spot test:  50% isopropyl - slight whitening, 70% isopropyl - slight whitening
High solids
Available in satin to gloss finish
Can be applied in a wide variety of temperature and humidity conditions
Air drying or force curing preferred
Water is used for clean-up
Shelf life of 1 year
Wood Steel Aluminum Some Plastics
Air Quality Data
Free of lead and chromates
Physical Data
Specific Gravity:  1.03
VOC:  1.9 lb/gal, 228 gm/ltr
Odor:  Slight to None
Shelf Life:  1 year
% Solids by weight - 45%
% Solids by volume:  39.8%
Boiling Point:  200°F
Weight per gallon:  8.6 lbs.
Flash Point:  150°F
Performance Data
  Recommended film thickness for the test results on steel or wood is 1 mil.
Salt Spray:  Good
Solvent Resistance:  Good
Flexibility:  Good
Theoretical Coverage at 1 mil:  638 ft2 (1604 x 39.8% solids by volume)
Hardness:  HB
Drying Time (Air Dry):  Recoat - 3 to 5 minutes @ 50% humidity and 75°F
Drying Time (Air Dry):  Dust Free - 5 minutes @ 50% humidity and 75°F
Drying Time (Air Dry):  Dry to handle - 8 to 10 minutes @ 50% humidity and 75°F




METALS: Surface must be free of grease, oil, dirt, and other foreign matter. Oxidation material must be removed or converted with Blue River Coatings Conversion Coating. Priming with Blue River Coatings Low VOC Primer Sealer (PSLV) or Hydro-Poxy Primer is recommended. For compatibility with other primers, contact Blue River Coatings.

PLASTICS: Good adhesion on most plastics. If a primer is required, use Blue River Coatings Primer Sealer for wood and plastics (PSWP).

WOOD: Surface must be dry, sanded and dust free.

1. Spraying:  reduce with water to 20-25 seconds Zahn #2.  Apply medium wet coat over surface.  For best results, apply with spray gun with tip size of 0.7 to 1.0.  Air pressure should be between 10 and 20 psi for HVLP and 20-40 psi for conventional.
2. Brushing or rolling:  reduce with distilled or clean tap water to 30-38 seconds Zahn #2.
3. Stir contents before use.  Never shake or stir under high agitation.
4. Shelf life:  1 year.
5. Apply with standard equipment-pressure or suction feed, air assisted airless, HVLP or LVLP.  Atomization pressure depends on viscosity.
Clean-Up With Water
  If the coating dries, solvents may have to be used for clean up.  If the spray equipment is not stainless steel, the equipment may have to be taken apart and air-dried.


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