Product Information
Epoxy Primer EP-2015
Product Description
Blue River Epoxy Primer EP-2015 is a two package epoxy system, which shows excellent physical properties. The formulation has non-hazardous air pollutants and a low voc level of 0.82 lbs./gal.. It offers superior  adhesion to concrete and fiberglass, has superior performance properties (hardness, flexibility, abrasion, and chemical resistance). This primer can be readily top coated with a variety of top coats in two to four hours.
Environmental Advantages
BLUE RIVER COATINGS  EP-2015 is a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), high performance production coating.  It does not contain lead or chromates.  The solid and semi-solid sludge produced in spraying and clean up can be flocculated; dried and sent to a “Class B” landfill.  Check with local and state regulations for proper handling.
Excellent exterior durability   Water is used for reduction
Excellent hardness/impact resistance   Water is used for clean-up
Excellent mar and abrasion resistance   Air dry or force curing preferred
Excellent adhesion on cement and fiberglass   Can be oven baked at 250°F
Solvent resistant   Wide range of colors
Can be applied in a wide variety of temperature and   Shelf life of 1 year
  humidity conditions without the use of retarders   Non-Flammable
  concrete fiberglass
Air Quality Data
VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) 0.82 lb/gal;  36 gm/ltr
Free of lead and chromates
Physical Data
White Liquid   Vapor Density:  Heavier than air
Specific Gravity:  >1   % Solid by weight: 62.7
Evaporation Rate:  Slower than ether   % Solid by volume:  58
pH:  7-8.5   Weight per gallon:  10.37 lb/4.703 kg
VOC:  0.82 lb/gal;  36 gm/ltr   Boiling Point:  212°F / 100°C

Performance Data
  1. Impact Resistance – Reverse/direct 120/160 inch pounds on steel.
  2. Adhesion – ASTM D 3359, Pass (5B).  No lifting of coating from substrate.  Coating was applied at   1 mil dry and allowed to cure for 15 days at ambient temperatures.
  3. Pencil Hardness – ASTM D-1186 = F
  4. Exterior Exposure Test – Coating was applied to steel panel at 2 mil dry and allowed to cure for 15 days at ambient temperatures.  Panel was positioned for southern exposure for an indefinite amount of time.  After 24 months exposure, panel does not exhibit any blistering, cracking, spot rusting or delamination of film.
  5. DI Water Resistance ASTM D-870 – 83 days submersion in water (70oF) – No delamination, peeling, wrinkling, or blistering to unaided eye.  Coating was applied to steel panel at 2 mil dry and allowed to cure for 15 days at ambient temperatures. 
  6. Drying Time (Air Dry): Recoat – 10 minutes at 50% humidity and 75°F/23.9°C
  7. Drying Time (Air Dry): Dust Free – 20 minutes at 50% humidity and 75°F/23.9°C
  8. Drying Time (Air Dry): Dry To Handle – 30 minutes at 50% humidity and 75°F/23.9°C
  9. Theoretical Coverage at 1 mil:  730 ft2

METAL:  Surface must be free of grease, oil, dirt and other foreign matter.

Mixing Directions
EP-2010 is a two part system. Stir both parts thoroughly. Mix 4 parts of Part A to 1 part of
Part B. Mix until uniform in viscosity, at least 3 minutes. Allow to sweat-in for ten minutes.
Viscosity may be adjusted, after mixing A & B, with water if necessary.
  1. Spraying with HVLP: reduce with distilled water to 20-25 seconds Zahn #2.
  2. Spraying with Airless or Air Assisted Airless:  Viscosity to be determined by applicator.  Starting viscosity should be 30-35 seconds Zahn #3. 
  3. Brushing or rolling: reduce with distilled water to 30-38 seconds Zahn #2.
  4. Stir contents before use. 
  5. Shelf life: 1 year.
  6. Apply with standard equipment-pressure or suction feed, air assisted airless, HVLP, LVLP or electrostatic.  Atomization pressure depends on viscosity. 

Clean-Up with Water

If the paint dries, solvents may have to be used for clean up.  If the spray equipment is not
stainless steel, the equipment may have to be taken apart and air-dried after cleaning.


EP-100 Primer has no specific hazards under normal conditions. Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid breathing vapors and spray mist, and avoid prolonged contact with skin and eyes.
Read MSDS before using this product.  Dispose of in accordance with local, state and federal regulations

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