Frequently Asked Questions

  Who is Blue River Coatings?
  Blue River Coatings is a manufacturing company that specializes in the formulations of high performance, environmentally friendly paints and coatings. Blue River Coatings has been providing customers with coatings solutions for over 20 years. Blue River Coatings only manufactures waterbased, environmentally friendly coating products.
  What is the Hydro-Flex PIR coating?
  The Hydro-Flex PIR Heat Reflective Coating is a single component, waterbased polyurethane coating. The product also incorporates the most advanced heat reflective technology available.
  How does the coating reflect heat?
  The Hydro-Flex PIR product incorporates heat reflective technology to include heat reflective pigments. The pigments that are used are designed to reflect different wavelengths of infrared (IR) energy away from the substrate surface. When the Blue River Coatings heat reflective technology is used in conjunction with the Blue River Coatings specialty polyurethane resin, a substraight such as, vinyl or plastic can now be painted with darker shades of color without causing damage to the substraight as a result of heat gain.
  Does Hydro-Flex PIR work on all PVC substrates?
  In most cases the answer is YES. As with any coating application, the coating should be tested on the substrate in question prior to application to insure that the performance properties required are achieved. In some cases, additional substrate preparation will be required to remove dirt, oils, waxes, or release agents from the surface to attain maximum adhesion.
  Will Blue River Coatings assist in determining if a product needs any special preparation to be painted?
  Yes. Blue River Coatings wants to make sure that all of our customers are using the right product for their specific application. Blue River Coatings is able to conduct basic lab testing to include product prep, application, and adhesion testing. Blue River Coatings will provide a summary of the lab results along with our recommendation to achieve the best results for the substrate in question.
  Has the product been tested by an independent testing facility?
  Yes. An American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) approved testing facility has tested the Hydro-Flex PIR product according to the tests requirements specified in AAMA 613 (Voluntary Performance Requirement and Test Procedures for Organic Coatings on Plastic Profiles), AAMA 615 (Voluntary Specification, Performance Requirements, and Test Procedures for Superior Organic Coatings on Plastic Profiles), and ASTM D-4803-97 (Standard Test Method for Predicting Heat Buildup in PVC Building Profiles). Tests include: UV resistance, humidity and corrosion resistance, impact, adhesion, window cleaner, and mortar testing.
  Is the product environmentally friendly?
  YES! All products manufactured by Blue River Coatings are waterbased and environmentally friendly. All products manufactured meet current and future EPA standards regarding Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s).
  On what substrates can the coating be applied?
    The Hydro-Flex PIR polyurethane can be applied to multiple substrates to include rigid vinyl, cellular or foam PVC, most plastics, polycarbonate composites, fiberglass, wood, metal, and fabric. Once again, appropriate testing should be completed prior to any application to insure that the correct product is provided for the application. Please contact Blue River Coatings for assistance.
  Paint in general does not stick well to plastics without a primer. Is a primer required for application when using the Blue River Coatings Hydro-Flex PIR?
  No. The Hydro-Flex PIR product does not require a primer to achieve maximum adhesion. If there is a question about adhesion, please submit samples to Blue River Coatings for testing.
  How is the coating applied to a substrates?
  The product can be brushed on however; Blue River Coatings recommends that the product be sprayed on to the substraight to achieve the best results.
  What equipment is required to paint with the Hydro-Flex PIR product?
  For best results, the use of a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray gun will provide excellent results for a nominal cost. HVLP spray guns are available from your nearest pneumatics equipment supply company. Other equipment that may be required includes an air compressor, Zahn/viscosity cup, spray booth/area. A basic setup without drying ovens or specialized equipment will start at about $3k depending upon local and state requirements.
  Can I apply the product at my facility?
  Yes! The application of the coating can be done on site by company personnel or be sub contracted out to a finishing company in your area. Blue River Coatings will assist in finding an applicator in your or help you setup your own basic operation.
  Can the product be applied without cleaning or is there a cleaning process that should be followed?
  As with any painting processes, the substrate should be clean and dry before application. Blue River Coatings recommends our Powr’ Cleaner (to be used according to instructions) which will provide a clean, oil free surface for painting. Powr’ Cleaner is a safe waterbased emulsifier which will safely clean the substraight surface. In some cases, additional prep work may be necessary. Please contact Blue River Coatings to determine the most efficient method possible for your specific application.
  Does the product require the use of a hardener or Cross-linking additive?
  No. The Hydro-Flex PIR product provides excellent performance properties in terms of adhesion, mar, impact and abrasion resistance without the use of additives but to obtain the best results possible, Blue River Coatings recommends the use of cross linking additive to achieve maximum hardness and impact resistance.
  How is the cross linker added and what is the optimum mixing ratio to achieve the best overall performance?
  Cross linker is added to the Hydro-Flex PIR product under agitation and optimum results are achieved with the addition of 4% by volume. Example: 1 gallon of Hydro-Flex PIR would require approximately 5 ounces of cross linker.
  How long is the drying process once the product has been applied?
  Drying time for the Hydro-Flex PIR coating is dependent upon several variables to include time, temperature, humidity, and equipment used. If time and space are available, the most efficient method is to let the product dry in ambient conditions while moving air across the surface of the painted substrate by fans. Other drying options include convection ovens, catalytic ovens, gas or electric infrared ovens, and low heat combined with dehumidification. For assistance with determining the most efficient equipment requirements for your specific, please contact Blue River Coatings.
  Are aerosols available for touch ups in the field?
  No. At the current time aerosol spray cans are not available. • How many colors are available? Currently, Blue River Coatings supplies over 70 “cool temperature” colors to include whites, grays, beiges, browns, greens, red/rusts, and black.
  Can custom colors be made?
  Yes! Blue River Coatings will provide the best match possible. In the event that a customer can not successfully select a desired shade of color from the 70 plus shades we supply then Blue River Coatings will provide a custom color match which will require the customer to purchase a minimum order of 5 gallons or more of product.
  Are there any special requirements for clean up or disposal of waste product?
  Please check with local and state offices for any special requirements for disposal of packaging or waste material.
  How is the product packaged?
  The product is packaged in 1-gallon, 5-gallon, 55-gallon, or 275-gallon containers. All packaging materials can be disposed of in a Class B landfill after use. Please ensure that all liquid material is dry prior to disposal. • What is the cost of the product? Cost is dependent upon color and quantity ordered. Please contact Blue River Coatings for current pricing information. • How is the product shipped? The product can be shipped via US Postal Service, United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express (FedEx), or commercial carrier.
  Is expedited shipping available?
  Yes. Expedited shipping is available. Please contact Blue River Coatings for details.


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