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Hydro-Flex PIR Topcoat

Product Description

BLUE RIVER COATINGS HYDRO-FLEX PIR POLYURETHANE TOPCOAT is a high performance, heat reflective, single component water dispersible polyurethane.  HYDRO-FLEX PIR is formulated with heat reflective pigments and adhesion promoting additives to provide the option of painting vinyl and plastic substrates with dark colors that minimize heat gain.  The product provides outstanding coverage, excellent durability and is easy to apply.  HYDRO-FLEX PIR is a low VOC and EPA compliant coating. 

Environmental Advantages

BLUE RIVER COATINGS HYDRO-FLEX PIR POLYURETHANE TOPCOAT is considered non-hazardous by EPA definitions and does not contain lead or chromates.  The solid and semi-solid sludge produced in spraying and clean up can be flocculated, dried and sent to a “Class B” landfill.  Check with local and state agencies for proper handling and disposal. 






Excellent adhesion on most plastic substrates   Water is used for reduction
  to include vinyl, PVC and fiberglass   Water is used for clean-up
Excellent exterior durability   Air dry or force curing preferred
Excellent heat reflective properties   Air dry or force curing preferred
Excellent hardness/impact resistance   No discoloration or loss of flexibility when oven
Excellent mar and abrasion resistance     baked (250°F for one hour)
Excellent linear flexibility   Wide range of colors to include metallics
Non-photochemically reactive   Shelf life of 1 year
Full gloss-80-85% at 60° glossometer   Single component product-unused paint can
Available in satin to gloss finish     be returned to container
Coatings can be applied in a wide range of   Non-Flammable
  temperature and humidity without the use of retarders      






Rigid Vinyl   Fiberglass
Foam or Cellular PVC   Most Plastics
PVC   Wood
Air Quality Data
VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) 1.55 lb/gal;  188 gm/ltr      
Free of lead and chromates      
Non-photochemically reactive      


Physical Data
Liquid   Boiling Point 340°F (171°C)
Specific Gravity:  1.05   Approx. % Solid by weight:  42±2%
Vapor Density:  Heavier than air   Approx. % Solid by volume:  39±2%

Evaporation Rate:  Slower than ether

  Weight per gallon:  8.74 lbs.
VOC:  1.55 lb/gal;  188 gm/ltr   Flash Point:  175°F CC
Performance Data
The tests below were conducted on AAMA approved vinyl substrates at a thickness of 1.2 dry mils after 14 days cure time at a room temperature of 77°F (25°C). Please see the Hydro-Flex PIR Test Performance data sheet for more test results.
Solvent Resistance:  lacquer thinner, acetone, MEK,   Dry Time (Air Dry):  Recoat - 10 minutes
  gasoline, xylene-50 double rubs with saturated cloth.     @ 50% humidity and 75°F
Pencil hardness:  HB Minimum   Dry Time (Air Dry):  Dust free - 20 minutes
Flexibility:  1/8" conical mandrel     @ 50% humidity and 75°F
Impact Resistance:  Forward-180 inch pound, Reverse-   Dry Time (Air Dry):  Dry to handle - 45 minutes
  180 inch pounds     @ 50% humidity and 75°F
Taber Abrasion:  CS17 wheel, 1,000 gm load (100 mg      
  loss/1,000 cycles)      
Theoretical Coverage at 1 mil:  665 ft2 (1604 x 39.2%     Drying times are dependent upon temperature
  solids by volume)     and humidity conditions.




VINYL, PVC, CELLULAR/FOAM PVC:  Excellent adhesion on most plastics.  Surface must be dry and free of oil, dirt, and other foreign matter.
FIBERGLASS:  Surface must be dry and dust free.  Special pretreatment options may have to be performed on some fiberglass substrates to gain optimum adhesion due to release agents used during the pultrusion process.  Please contact Blue River Coatings for more information and testing.
METAL:  Surface must be dry and free of any surface contaminants to include dirt, oil, oxidation, etc.  As with any metal finishing project, applicator is responsible to insure that the all preparatory steps are followed to include selection of compatible cleaners, primers, or other requirements to achieve maximum coating performance.

Application Data for All Substrates

As with most coatings, Hydro-Flex PIR may settle over the course of time, especially if the product has been on the shelf for several months.  It is necessary to thoroughly mix the paint before using.  Before using, check the sides and bottom of the container to make sure all the pigment and other additives have been mixed properly.  Proper mixing is normally accomplished by using paint agitators designed to fit on the container or to use an electric drill and appropriate sized mixing blade on low to medium speed.  Stir/agitate the product until a vortex forms in the container without splashing the product outside the container.  In the event the pigment has settled considerably, pour off half of the liquid from the top of the container into another container and then properly mix in any settled pigment, then remix the two parts together thoroughly prior to application.  Adhere to all application instructions, precautions, conditions, and limitations to obtain optimum performance.  Use only where application can proceed at temperatures above 10°C/50°F.  Any reduction must be compatible with the existing environmental and application conditions.  

Surface Preparation

Coating performance in general, is proportional to the degree of surface preparation.  Follow recommendations carefully, avoiding shortcuts.  Inadequate preparation of surfaces will virtually assure inadequate coating performance.  As with any paint/coating project, test

For all applications, ensure that the substrate is clean of all dirt, oil, and foreign matter prior to application.  Clean the substrate with Blue River Coatings Pow’r Cleaner at a mixing ratio of 30 parts water to 1 part Pow’r Cleaner.  In some instances, the use of a standard Scotch Brite pad in conjunction with the cleaning solution will ensure maximum adhesion.  If a more aggressive cleaning is required, please contact Blue River Coatings. 


  1. Ensure substrate is clean and dry prior to coating application.
  2. Stir contents before use.  Do not use rocker type paint agitators.  This will cause possible foaming of the product
  3. If spraying with High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) or electro static equipment (pressure or suction feed), reduce the coating with clean, filtered water to 20-28 seconds with a Zahn #2 viscosity cup.  If spraying with Airless equipment, reduce coating with clean, filtered water to 25-35 seconds with a Zahn #2 viscosity cup.  Spraying viscosity should be determined by local applicator to ensure that the desired film properties are obtained.
  4. Depending upon customer requirements, the coating can be applied in a single or multiple pass procedure.  If single pass application is required, ensure that the total thickness of the applied coating does not exceed 2.5 to 3.0 wet mils.
  5. After application, the coating can be air dried or forced cured.  Air-drying is accomplished by racking the substrate for a minimum of 8 hours prior to packing.  Air-drying time requirements can be shortened with the use of fans that blow across the surface of the substrate and also by controlling the environmental conditions of the drying area.  Force curing is dependent upon substrate characteristics and equipment available.  Recommended force curing parameters are gas fired convection oven for 20 minutes at 100-150°F or Infrared curing ovens that do not increase surface temperature above recommended customer specifications.  Other options can be used depending upon customer requirements.  Please contact Blue River Coatings for more information.
  6. Shelf life is 1 year.
  1. Ensure substrate is clean and dry prior to coating application.
  2. Stir contents before use.  Do not use rocker type paint agitators.  This will cause possible foaming of the product.
  3. Use a Nylon/Polyester or foam brush.  Typically, the product will not need to be reduced with water for brush application.  If reduction is necessary to obtain desired finish, reduce with clean water 1-2% by volume and paint out a test sample to determine if desired finish is achieved.  Do not thin over 10%.
Clean-Up With Water

If the paint dries, solvents may have to be used for clean up.  If the spray equipment is not
stainless steel, the equipment may have to be taken apart and air-dried after cleaning.

The technical data contained herein is accurate to the best of our knowledge.  Blue River Coatings warrants that coatings represented herein meet their formulation standards.  No other warranty is expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.  Published technical data and instructions are subject to change without notice.  Contact your Blue River Coatings Representative for current technical data and instructions.

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