Product Information
POW'R Cleaner
Product Description
  BLUE RIVER COATINGS POW’R CLEANER is a non-butyl, water soluble, liquid detergent, concentrated degreaser and general purpose cleaner. POW’R provides a triple effect for most cleaning situations. First, POW’R uses a combination of detergents that work synergistically to remove dirt and grime. Second, POW’R attacks both petroleum and food greases aggressively. Third, POW’R contains a powerful odor neutralizer that helps combat foul odors. Care should be taken when working around glass and aluminum surfaces. Strong solution may cause etching.
Environmental Advantages

BLUE RIVER COATINGS POW’R CLEANER is a blend of degreasers, detergents, and emulsifiers for easy diluting with water. POW’R cleaner is an excellent product for the removal of food grease, oil, gums, asphalt, petroleum deposits, waxes and tars residues. POW’R cleaner quickly dissolves soiled areas allowing them to be rinsed with water. POW’R cleaner can be disposed in a landfill in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

Excellent petroleum product remover   Water is used for clean-up
Excellent food grease remover   Non-Hazardous
Can be applied in a wide variety of temperature and   Shelf life of 1 year
  humidity conditions   Non-Flammable
Walls/Doors   Construction Equipment
Appliances   Concrete floors
Tile   Cleaning of garbage containers
Plastic and Vinyl   Cleaning of grease traps
Rubber   Industrial/mechanical rooms
Engines   Machine shops

Air Quality Data


     Free of lead and chromates

Physical Data
Liquid, Clear   Shelf Life: 1 year
Specific Gravity: 1.03   pH: 12.0
Color: Pink   Boiling Point: 212°F
Sediment: None   Weight per gallon: 8.6 lbs
Odor: Mild   Flash Point: None
Application Data

1. POW’R is an all-purpose cleaner that can be used as a concentrate or reduced to 30 parts water to 1 part POW’R by volume.
2. Guidelines for cleaning (water to POW’R):

A. General purpose cleaning 30 to 1
B. PVC/Vinyl/Plastics 30 to 1
C. Carpets 30 to 1
D. Oil/Grease areas 10 to 1
E. Floor stripping 10 to 1
F. Road Tar 3 to 1
G. Oil/Grease on textured surfaces 3 to 1

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