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Blue River High Performance, Waterbased Paints and Coatings
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  • Undercoat Primer BM-316 – Developed for coating metal, automotive and truck trailer frames, and under the hood parts.  Single component primer with excellent corrosion resistance
  • AP-800 - Non Metal Primer
  • APM-800 – Single component, low VOC metal primer with good corrosion resistance
  • EP-2010 - White metal primer
  • Wood Primer – Single component primer that meets the current Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) standards.  Low VOC.
  • Wood Stain Concentrate – Concentrate, low VOC, low grain raising, penetrating stain.  Good water repellant system
  • Acrylic Sanding Sealer – Low cost, high solids sanding sealer which complements BRC topcoats
  • EK-100 - Two component clear anti-corrosion topcoat designed for long term protection of non ferrious metals.
  • EP-2015 - Fiberglass & concrete floors
  • CRC100-H – Two component white ceramic coating that is a highly corrosion resistant and high temperature coating.
  • Conversion Coating – Water based product that stops further errosion.
  • Elastomeric Roof Coating (BRC-2100) - High solids coating designed specifically for coating roofs, walls and other surfaces that require excellent water resistance.
  • POW’R Cleaner – Non-butyl, water solube, liquid detergent concentrated degreaser and general purpose cleaner.

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