Product Information
Undercoat Primer BM-316
Product Description
BLUE RIVER COATINGS UNDERCOAT PRIMER BM-316 is a high quality, single component primer, not requiring any catalyzing agent. Performance obtained is equal or superior to that of two-component, catalyzed epoxy systems. UNDERCOAT PRIMER BM-316 offers good coverage, excellent durability, and ease of application, as well as being a low VOC and EPA compliant coating.
Environmental Advantages
BLUE RIVER COATINGS UNDERCOAT PRIMER BM-316 is a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), high performance production coating. It is considered non-hazardous by EPA definitions and does not contain lead or chromates. The solid and semi-solid sludge produced in spraying and clean up can be flocculated; dried and sent to a “Class B” landfill. Check with local and state regulations for proper handling.
Excellent exterior durability   Non-Hazardous
Excellent impact resistance - Galvometer-pass   Air dry or force curing
Mar and abrasion resistance   Colors include black & grey (Custom colors in volume)
Can be applied in a wide variety of temperature and   Coating will not flash rust on bare metal
  humidity conditions without the use of retarders   Shelf life of 1 year
Distilled water is used for reduction   Unused paint can be returned to container
Water is used for clean-up   Non-Flammable
Steel   Automobile chassis
Aluminum   Trailers
Fiberglass   Heavy Equipment
Truck Chassis      
Air Quality Data
VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) - None
Free of lead and chromates
Physical Data
Black liquid   VOC:  None
Weight per gallon 10.0-10.5 lbs/gal   % Solid by weight:  58-60%
pH:  6.0-6.5      

Performance Data
  1. Salt Fog in Harshaw No. 22 cabinet via ASTM B117 procedures with 5% NaCl solution.  Evaluation of panels follows ASTM D610, D714, and D1654
            1000 hours
            Scribed - 1/16" dense #4.  Moderate rust rundown OK - moderate rust rundown
            Unscribed - OK - moderate rust rundown
  2. Impact Resistance - 180 inch pounds on steel direct & reverse
  3. Water Submersion - 83 days submersion in water (70°F) - No delamination, peeling, wrinkling or blistering to unaided eye
  4. ASTM D-3359 Tape Adhesion - PASSES (4B-5B) cross hatch adhesion test after 83 days submersion and allowed to air dry for 4 hours at 70% humidity and 75°F
  5. Excellent adhesion to steel, fiberglass and aluminum
  6. Drying Time (Air Dry):  Recoat - 20 minutes at 50% humidity and 75°F
  7. Drying Time (Air Dry):  Dust Free - 10 minutes at 50% humidity and 75°F
  8. Drying Time (Air Dry):  Dry to Handle - 30 minutes at 50% humidity and 75°F
  9. Theoretical Coverage at 1 mil:  652 ft2 (1,604 x 40.62% solids by volume)

METALS:  Surface must be free of grease, oil, dirt, and other foreign matter.  Oxidation material must be removed or converted with Blue River Conversion Coating.
FIBERGLASS:  Surface must be free of grease, oil, dirt, and other foreign matter.


Apply with standard equipment-pressure or suction feed, air assisted airless, HVLP, LVLP or electrostatic.  Atomization pressure depends on viscosity.  May be brushed on as well.


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