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What Homeowners Want

Homeowners appreciate the maintenance free, no-rot features and other major advantages of cellular PVC windows, doors and trim boards.  However, many homeowners today want to add brilliant colors to their homes by painting these windows and doors with colors that range from dark browns to blue, red, and other vibrant shades.  In some areas of California, builders are specifying specific colors such as these.

Ad cellular window and door manufacturers well know, the main issues with painting PVC/Vinyl windows and doors with darker colors are:

Proper Adhesion   Cracking
Peeling   Warping
Heat Reflectivity   Blistering
Fading   UV Protection

Blue River Coatings produces a coating that is used by several major PVC/Vinyl window, door and trim board manufacturers to paint almost any color desired.  The Hydro-Flex PIR Polyurethane top coating manufactured by Blue River Coatings has heat reflective pigments that minimize heat gain.  This product is water-based, has a low VOC, is EPA compliant and provides excellent adhesion, mar and abrasion resistance and is extremely durable.  Hydro-Flex PIR provides outstanding coverage and is easy to apply.

The Hydro-Flex PIR product incorporates heat reflective technology that includes heat reflective pigments.  The pigments that are used are designed to reflect different wavelengths of infrared (IR) energy away from the substrate surface, keeping the surface cooler.  When the Blue River Coatings heat reflective technology is used in conjunction with the Blue River Coatings specialty polyurethane resin, a substrate such as vinyl or plastic can now be painted with darker shades of color without causing damage to the substrate as a result of heat gain.

The notice below can be found on one of the major cellular PVC window manufacturers and is a note to homeowners, contractors, and painters about using dark colors on their windows:


IMPORTANT:  Cellular PVC is a vinyl-based composite.  Cellular profiles may be subject to thermal expansion and contraction at direct temperatures about 145°.  Extreme dark colors may accelerate this situation.  Dark colors tend to absorb a greater amount of solar heat which can cause cellular PVC to expand and contract excessively.  This can cause warping and/or distortion.  Windsor recommends that application of paints with an LV Rating lighter than L-50.  For darker custom colors, a high quality heat-reflective paint is recommended and can be purchased from Blue River Coatings.

For more information regarding painting with colors with ratings lower than LV-50, or dark hunter green, black, and cranberry colors, please contact one of the following:  Blue River Coatings @ 888-420-2628;  Marley Mouldings @ 800-368-3117;  or Windsor Windows & Doors @ 800-216-6186.


Contact Blue River Coatings today to find out why many of the major cellular PVC window/door manufacturers and trim board providers use BRC's Hydro-Flex PIR polyurethane heat reflective coatings.

In addition to Hydro-Flex PIR, Blue River Coatings also manufacturers a variety of wood stains, wood primers, steel/aluminum coatings, acrylic primers/topcoats and many other commercial and industrial products to meet all your paint/coating needs.


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