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Window / Door Manufacturers

According to Window & Door Magazine, the demand for cellular PVC continues to increase in the window and door market.  Cellular PVC entered the market replacing individual wood profiles on wood windows to address rot and maintenance problems.  Builders are actively seeking a window that has the architectural appearance of wood without the rot and ongoing maintenance and cellular PVC satisfies this need.  Growth has accelerated as not only wood window manufacturers, but wood and fiberglass door manufacturers, shutter manufacturers, and suppliers of exterior trim moldings have substituted cellular extrusions for wood profiles.

A primary reason this market has developed in the South is the need for "no-rot" products and the need for a product that will withstand the moist, humid conditions.  More recently, concern about mold and fungus growth has emerged too.  There is also much growth potential for cellular PVC in window and door components in addition to the enter window/door unit manufacturing.  For vinyl replacement window manufacturers and for contractors/builders, cellular PVC offers an opportunity to upsell homeowners.  It provides added insulation value and strength that provides fabricators with a differentiated product line.
In addition to the actual windows/doors themselves, a large variety of exterior and interior moldings produced from cellular materials provide dealer/installers with the ability to offer a total value-added up-sell package.  In the cellular PVC trim board market, many companies such as Kleer, Versatex, and Azek have grown tremendously over the past several years in the sales of their products to the building industry.

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