Product Information
Wood Stain Concentrate
Product Description
  BLUE RIVER COATINGS Semi-Transparent Wood Stain is a water based stain developed to provide long lasting protection and a beautiful appearance on wood surfaces. BLUE RIVER COATINGS Semi-Transparent Wood Stain offers the advantages of deep penetrating pigments and excellent moisture repellency. The product dries quickly, therefore minimizing excessive grain raise. The product can be used as an interior or exterior stain.
Environmental Advantages
  BLUE RIVER COATINGS Semi-Transparent Wood Stain is a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), high performance stain product. It is considered non-hazardous by EPA definitions and does not contain lead or chromates. The solid and semi-solid sludge produced in spraying and clean up can be flocculated; dried and sent to a “Class B” landfill. Check with your local and state regulations for proper handling.
Interior or exterior application   Water is used for clean-up
Excellent pigment penetration   Non-Hazardous
Minimal grain raising   Shelf life of 1 year
Can be applied in a wide variety of temperature and   Non-Flammable
  humidity conditions      
Redwood   Decks
Pine   Fences
Cedar   Shake Shingles
Fir   Log Homes
Pressure Treated Lumber   Any wood surface that can be stained
Air Quality Data

     Free of lead and chromates

Physical Data
Liquid   % Solid by weight:  22.4%
Specific Gravity:  1.03   % Solid by volume:  17.3%
VOC:  0.5 lb/gal;  60 gm/altar   Boiling Point 336°F
Odor:  Mild   Weight per gallon:  8.5 lbs.
Shelf Life:  1 yea   Flash Point:  150°F CC
Performance Data
Excellent adhesion to preservative treated woods   Theoretical Coverage at 1 mil: 277 ft2 (1604 x 17.3%
Drying Time (Air Dry): Recoat – 5 minutes     solid by volume)
  @50% humidity and 75°F**   Coverage for smooth wood is approximately 250-300 ft2
Drying Time (Air Dry): Dust Free – 5 minutes   Coverage for rough sawn wood is approximately
  @50% humidity and 75°F**     150-200 ft2
Drying Time (Air Dry): Dry To Handle – 10 minutes   One gallon of concentrate will make 3 to 4 gallons of
  @50% humidity and 75°F**     usable product depending upon dilution rate
Drying Time (Heat): Dry to Stack – 3 minutes      
  @ 50% humidity and 140°F**      


  1. Blue River Coatings Semi-Transparent Wood Stain is manufactured in concentrate form. Prior to application, reduce the concentrate with water. Recommended reduction rate is 2:1 by volume with water (2 parts water with 1 part stain concentrate). Application can be accomplished with other dilution rates such as 1:1 or 3:1. The use of a different reduction rate is determined by the applicator and can change the overall appearance and color. For lighter colors use a 3:1 ratio and for more intense colors use a 1:1.
  2. Make sure wood surface is clean of all dirt and loose debris. If surface is new wood, make sure the wood has aged 1-3 months and that any mill glaze has been removed prior to application.
  3. Blue River Coatings Wood Stain is a semi-transparent wood stain and should be applied to bare wood. If the surface has been coated previously, use a commercially available, waterbased deck/fence stripper to strip off the old coating prior to application.
  4. If the surface is weathered and gray, use a commercially available, waterbased deck/fence cleaner and brightener prior to application.
  5. Prior to application, test the wood surface to make sure that the surface will allow the stain to penetrate. Sprinkle a few drops of water onto the wood surface to be stained. If the water is absorbed into the cleaned surface within a few minutes, the surface is ready to be stained. If the water does not penetrate, the surface will have to be cleaned or stripped.
  6. Cover any area that will not be stained such as sidewalks, siding, doors, windows, plants and shrubs with a tarp or drop cloth. Blue River Coatings Semi-Transparent waterbase stain will not harm plants or foliage.
  7. Mix or agitate product thoroughly prior to and during application to ensure uniform color dispersion in the container. If more than 1 container is used during the application, mix each container together to ensure uniform color is attained for the entire application.
  8. Using a brush, roller (9 inch with ?" or ¾" nap length), stain pad, garden sprayer, or lint free towel, apply one coat of Blue River Coatings Semi-Transparent wood stain. Backbrush for better color uniformity. Make sure the stain is applied between boards (decks and fencing) to include all cracks and exposed end grain. Always wear proper protective equipment to include gloves and eye protection.
  9. If the wood is dry and absorbs the first coat rapidly, apply a second application while the wood is still wet from the first application (wet on wet).
  10. Wipe up or brush out any puddles to insure color uniformity and sheen.
  11. Allow surface to dry for 24 hours before subjecting the surface to light foot traffic.
  12. Clean up with warm water and soap.

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